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Church Flow Fashion... #Harlem

Church Flow Fashion... #Harlem

So his happened in Harlem on a beautiful cloudy, cool and overcast day! I ran into this beautiful young tenderoni! I immediately reached out to touch her garment. I had to repent for touching her without her permission but she was fabulous. A mixture of older chocolate Keri Bradshaw with the grace and class of Ms. Phylicia Rashad!

Street Fashion

Part of what I love so much about living in Harlem besides the people is the FASHION!!!  Yes, Harlem.  Harlem fashion brings it.  I am always delighted at the confidence that it takes to wear certain outfits.  Occasionally I like to post outfits that are dissertations and thesis statements and this outfit is just that.  Take a look!

“When we express ourselves through our wardrobe we feel free to be who we are.”

It is good for the inner man (inner man being both man and Wo-man) to be free to express. It is in those moments that we feel confident and fun!  Fashion is both how we clothe ourselves, and how we express ourselves.  If you are like me, fashion is how you color yourself throughout life.  I have even gone as far as naming my outfits. I have a dress named Nancy and some boots named Becky.   I call my prep look, Barbie, and I have one complete outfit that I call THE FANTASTIC FOUR (TF4)! TF4 is a hat, purse, shoes, and lipstick that all match.  I can pretty much wear anything with TF4 and it is a well put together outfit [pictures coming soon].  Sometimes I feel more lavish while other days I feel completely confident in boyfriend jeans and some Oxfords.  More so than an outfit is how I feel in the threads.

Okay, back to the fabulous Young Tenderoni Miss Faye, who graciously gave me permission to take her photo and use it for your viewing pleasure.  I would like to make mention that she just celebrated her birthday!  She has aged just well past her fifties!  She looks great, doesn't she?

I'd like to share with you part of my interaction with her..Take a peek below! 


La'Shay: Let's talk about how this outfit speaks ...urban pretty Ms. Faye.   You have a balance of colors, that are festive for the day and spring season without going off track i.e. rich reds with a stark black. Yet the black is lace, which gives it a soft flirty effect. 

Faye: Yes red is my favorite color.

La'Shay: The stockings are what I really believe took the outfit up a notch in that it brought the brightest color red back him. The red, in itself, is refreshing. In part because we see fewer women wearing stockings.  The modern woman probably avoids stockings because of the whole notion that they are a part of the daily wardrobe of a grandma. 

Faye: I like a lot of 20s - 60s fashion. They are very feminine styles. I also like to dress how I feel at the time. This generation style is about tight and short. They leave nothing to the imagination

La'Shay: Agreed, it is a beautiful thing to let the clothes speak courageously!  I think feminine styles do that well.  But the way you wears your stockings are very classic and very appropriately placed, let's be honest...you aint thinking grandmother when you see her are you?  I think this is a classic feminine style choice.

Faye: I love mixing and matching different styles. I don't mind putting men's fashion with very feminine women's fashion.  I get the most fun out of re-designing a garment to add Faye's flavor.  I love looking and being one-of-a-kind

La'Shay: So tell us who and what inspires your fashion? 

Faye: No particular person. .whatever are the feels at the time.  Fashion style to me is something you wear so you are comfortable but also you feel and look good in.

La'Shay: Are you comfortable sharing your age with us?

Faye: Yes I just turned 61. I can't say what an average 61 year old Style is. I do believe that everyone should dress appropriately yet in their style and fashion.

La'Shay:  I think it's a beautiful thing when older women share their age.  That is an interesting comment regarding dressing appropriate. In part because now there is no standard to anything lol.  Who do you seek out for guidance?

Faye: Most times I'm sure of how I look. I really don't care what someone else says. Then sometimes I ask my daughter and go the opposite of what she tells me. Lol she often says why do you ask, you're going to wear what you want to anyway.

La'Shay: I can be the same way with my husband.  I know you revive clothing as well.  Talk to me about how and why you may give an item a new purpose?  And what you would do in fashion if you worked in this industry full time.

Faye: I would create a profitable re-design company. I absolutely love taking things and changing them into a new creation. Once I took some buttons off a shirt. I made cuff links for a young lady whose father had passed. Her husband wore them on their wedding day. She felt like her father was there. I feel like I can re- design just about anything. (loud, joyful, laughter comes from Faye).

La'Shay:  I believe you.  Part of what is being worn on you Ms Faye is a beautiful smile.  That is the greatest accessory! Well it has been wonderful to meet you.  You are just a treat! 

If you would like to catch up with Faye and learn more about her fashion and her designs that are for sale please reach out to her to her by email: faeyvonne@yahoo.com

Post Note: Would you like to achieve this look?  Check out Forever 21 and of course always THRIFTING and vintage boutique shopping!