Cameron and La'Shay Crayton



Full Bio...

La'Shay S. Crayton, MPH , Masters Columbia University 2015 Columbia School of Social Work, Expected 2018 

La’Shay is a child of God and the wife of Cameron Crayton, who a tenacious firefighter/EMT and more importantly a man of God.  Together they live in NY.  

La’Shay is originally from Oakland, California and is the third child and only daughter to her parents Carol and Wendell. She received the Lord Jesus Christ in her life at the age of 7 years old and was baptized.  Her relationship was strengthened into her teenage years and in her time living abroad in Ghana, West Africa where her desire for public health and serving people grew. 

Currently is an energetic therapist, research scientist and author.  She does private and online therapy.  She uses a variety of modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, complicated grief therapy and Christian counseling.  Vocationally, she is a trained social epidemiologist.  

She is a writer and author.  Her latest book "Living Well and Living Well Loved: Daily Devotionals, Prayers, Proverbs and Other Pearls of Wisdom to Thrust You into Your Purpose". 

As a research scientist, she investigates major mood and depressive disorders among African Americans in Harlem. She partners with other researchers and churches to study the effects, facilitators, barriers, and stigma to accessing mental health care. Specifically she studies stigma and other aspects that surround of major mood and depressive disorders including toxic stress and the impact of trauma.  Her research and evidence-based practice interventions have to lead to decreased stigma of mental illness in the Harlem community. 

She is also a consultant for Columbia University, where she has helped to design research studies and is currently helping to implement various projects with the Department of Health and at the newest Columbia University Building, the Mortimer Zuckerman Mind, Brain Behavior Institute. 

In May of 2018 she will complete her second master's degree at Columbia University where she training to become a psychotherapist. She is the CEO of Crayton Consulting LLC., Where she has received several projects totaling more than 21,500 dollars in less than 2 years under her private consulting firm. She also works with doctors to provide e-counseling to veterans. Her long-term vision is to provide therapy at her private practice as well as own and operate a café with her husband.  She enjoys traveling spending time with family and friends, as well as cooking new vegan dishes and she is in love with all things vintage!  She is passionate about life and seeing people live victoriously!  

In all that Yahweh has equipped La’Shay to do her greatest accomplishment, mission and joy is being a wife to Cameron after seeking Christ.  Her favorite quote is “Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith” ~ Elisabeth Elliot

To connect with La’Shay, please send her an email at or like her Facebook page: La’Shay S. Crayton. She would love to hear from you!