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My Favorite Easy to Reach Shops #foodie101

My Favorite Easy to Reach Shops #foodie101


I have never been given the title foodie, rather I love, love, love fun, attractive and tasty food!  I am always looking for the next big thing.  My husband introduced me to the cutest little store, Farm to People located in central Manhattan. To be exact this great little shop has artisanal gifts, jams, cheeses, syrups and other goodies for great prices!  You could get a gift for yourself and or anyone here.  First-time buyers get 10% off.  

I love that they exist to provide the larger world artisanal crafted products from small or family owned farms and companies to your kitchen table. With great prices and products, you are sure to get something you love!


Check out the pictures and the link below! I have tried the maple salted caramel syrup and I actually do believe that I have died and gone to heaven!  Anyone who knows me knows I love salted caramel but to get this in a real maple syrup is just a dream! 

I was not always a believer.  When I first about caramel being mixed with salt I thought someone had tried to fix a baked good that they had evidently ruined by adding too much salt to it.  Now that I am a believer I could not imagine my life before salted caramel.  Like La'Shay...how were you living?  But now that I am in love with this company, you can be too.  Check them out and let me know what you think and what you love from their website!