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10 Things Children Do, That Adults Should Do!!

10 Things Children Do, That Adults Should Do!!

Have you noticed that children are fascinated by simple things?
I'm not talking about how does the water come out of the faucet, that's pretty basic right. And at the right age, they understand that the water comes out of a tube and into the cup. But they do ask beautiful questions like "Why is the sky is blue?" 

There is a difference in asking "How is the sky blue?” and “Why is the sky blue?"  The answer to why the sky is blue? Is because God chose the color blue. We don't know why God chose that color. But He did. There is science that can tell us why the color is reflected as blue and not yellow or purple or translucent.  There will be certain questions that we do not have the answer to.  It will be those questions that only God can answer. This illustrates an aspect of the majesty of God.  It also encourages us to develop a relationship with God.  In knowing Him we learn the world.  It is a great example of why we should never lose our wonder and fascination in God.     

Here are 10 ways we should be more like children with God...

1.    Children never lose their wonder.

Children, for the most part, are easily pleased.  They become excited about animals, insects and even rain.  The little things bring joy to them.  They value hand holding and someone spending time with them.  They get the most out of life and enjoy the little or big blessings of the day. 

You have heard of children who rather play with the box that their toys are packaged in rather than the toy itself. It is their wonder with the box.  This is how we should be with God.  In awestruck wonder at who He is and what He can and will do.

2. Children ask for what they want or need.

Children ask their parents for whatever they want! Have you ever noticed how children ask for everything they want, rather they believe they deserve it or not? They do not concern themselves with good or bad behavior.  They are holding their parents to the responsibility that their parent is accountable to them.  This is so unique because whether or not they believe their parents will give them their request ... they still ask. We ought to be like that too. Asking God for what we need and want because he is our father. It's God's job to decide what he will give us.  Healthy children do not stress over tomorrow.  They trust that as everything has worked out thus far and it will continue to work out.  These are children who trust their father.  SO should we!

Luke 12:32 "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.

Luke 11:11-13 “Which of you fathers, if your son asks for [a] fish, will give him a snake instead? 12 Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? 13 If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

3. Seek the good in all people.

Children can smile at the drug addicted person on the sidewalk; when most people will walk past.  When I wore a full leg brace because of a leg injury a little girl who walked past me stopped.  She began to cry, she looked at her father and said daddy I am sad.  She stared at me with the most beautiful big blue eyes.  Her eyes were not beautiful because they were blue, they were beautiful because they shared empathy and sympathy with my current situation.

Children are less concerned about what individual’s flaws or sins are. Instead, they see something their little hearts connect to. They are free to love people because they are not bound by trying to make individuals fit into boxes or molds. We ought to be like children when we love. We should be free to love people and seek the good in them. In fact, when we don’t do this we are creating a new standard for love.  God has already created a standard for love, and it is found in First Corinthians chapter 12. It reads…

Gods standard for love is the gold standard for seeking the good in all people.  Deciding when you will change what the word of God has clearly outlined creates a new standard of love.  We do not need to use our energy to do that.  God’s word is infallible and perfect.

4. Forgive quickly and easily!

Children are so good at forgiving quickly and easily that they are superhuman. Their goal is like… world peace! They just want to get along so everyone can play tag together. It should be like that in the body of Christ and with others. We should seek the peace of both God and man. The Bible says blessed are the peacemakers... not the peacekeepers. You do not get points for keeping the peace. Anyone can keep the peace. But it is a beautiful thing when someone can make peace, now that's majestic. 

5. Seek the attention of their parents.

Children want the attention of their parents because that is where they find value and worth. So, they go back to their parents to be told who they are, to be poured into, to be loved, to be treated like a child and most importantly to be prized. This is how we ought to be in the body of Christ with our heavenly Father. As those who go to our maker to be poured into. Too many times we seek the world, our jobs, our friends, our finances and circumstances to tell us who we are or what we should be. But the truth is, we should find who we are by finding out who God is.  

6. Enjoy their food

Children enjoy their food so much they grab it with their fingers and smash it into their mouth. They make sure the food is all over the place in the process. I'd venture to say that this is apart of the celebration of life. Enjoying what you eat is apart of your well being. Think about it. You go through the majority of your life eating and sleeping. You fight for the right to have both throughout your life. You work to buy food and you sleep to be able to work. Yes, there are a lot things in between but these two are still very important.

7. Smile

When someone smiles, most children will smile back and or smile at strangers. One beautiful thing about children is that they smile when people smile back. It's a great thing to smile. Smiling actually, sends a message to your brain that you are happier than you are. It's a delight, it sends a message to your brain that releases endorphins even if you are not happy. 

8. Entertain themselves

I am amazed at adults who say things like "I'm bored." As an adult how can you say that? Children beautifully entertain themselves. They are unique in that they spend time believing in their dreams or hoping in the future.  Rather they enjoy entertaining themselves with their dreams or aspirations they keep hope alive!

9. Have an imaginary friend

Children have an imaginary friend,(called the Holy Spirit) isn't that delightful. We should have one too and that the Holy Spirit. 

10. Smile and laugh every time they are tickled

My husband loves to tickle me.  I shriek and move and nudge my way through.  The whole time I just want it to end.  But children love it and they fight it but they also receive.  They recognize the uncomfortable place...   but the receive the joy and laughter that comes from it.  What if we were more like that with our lives.  When things are uncomfortable we should choose to embrace the joy that comes from it.  Sometimes I choose to relax and receive the tickle and the joy that comes with it.  As uncomfortable as it may be, my husband takes joy in seeing me smile even through the uncomfortable phases and places in life.  

When you pause to ponder the awesomeness of Yahweh our God… you too cannot help but be fascinated! Too often we do not give ourselves the luxury and time to do so.   In fact, stop now and acknowledge the awe and wonder of the God who made everything and from which all things were made. 

Be so free, La'Shay S. Crayton



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