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Would you be interested in a paid consultation with me? Maybe you want to talk through some issues or be pointed in the right direction. Consultations are not therapy sessions but can be helpful to guide you and talk through some issues you may be facing. 


Here are two ways to move forward:

Paid Consultation: Good for those who want to understand therapy, find some help on how to navigate moving forward with their issues or difficulties.  (a consultation is not a therapy session)

Paid Session: Good for those who fully understand they need help form a professional.  They may have been experienced counseling and or therapy.  They know what works for them or may like to try different styles.  This person/group tends to want to resolve their issues sooner than later and move forward as soon as possible.

If you would like to talk through any intense,  debilitating issues or spiritual difficulties that you may be experiencing, I am more than happy to set you up an appointment at my private practice or via phone/video conference.  You can give us a call to work with our therapist. (516) 654-5553. Sometimes life can be overwhelming or just a lot to handle.  We believe that while its difficult there is a way to thrive and not just survive regardless of the stressors of life or the difficulties that may come at you.

Check out my book! You can find the ebook on iBooks and Kindle!  Printed copies are available too!  Find it here on Amazon!  Click here to learn more about my speaking engagements or to invite me to speak to your group or organization.

We at Living Well and Living Well Loved, believe that counseling is a part of the journey of life.  More importantly, the journey is about wholeness and we can help you through your pursuit.


In person counseling: We understand that counseling can be a difficult process.  However we work toward bridging the gap for you while you get to a place of wholeness.  We can meet in person or person.  Other options are to meet through video conference such as skype, facetime, google chat or zoom.

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Why people seek out counselors or therapist?

Need clarity on an issue?       Looking for wisdom?

Want to speak to a counselor with an unbiased view? 

Just want someone to listen? 

New to the whole counseling scene? 

Would you like a referral to other services?

                But cannot travel.  

Want spiritual guidance or wisdom?



Have you tried E-Counseling?

What are the experts saying about E-Counseling?

  • "Allows clients to get care despite a busy schedule."  
  • "E-counseling grants more trust in certain situations because it takes the awkwardness out of warming up."
  • "E-counseling provides a higher level of confidentiality"
  • "There are less barriers to accessing care, especially for those who are not able to travel"
  • Provides and opportunity for clients who live in regions that lack competent care to actually get services from well culturally competent professionals.
  • "E-counseling provides a great way for individuals who have not felt comfortable with counseling to try it in a safe and judge free environment" 

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Head Counselor: Lets connect!  I provide counseling in person or online! New to the whole therapy scene?  No problem as a research scientist, I study the stigma surrounding mental health.  I assure you that any fears you have regarding counseling, we can address.

I am also a social worker and a biblical counselor.  I am licensed as a trauma focused care provider and mental health first aid.  I practice cognitive behavior therapy, biblical counseling, emotional focused

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