Into the imagination...

Have you ever seen art that took you away?  Be it in your imagination, thoughts or spirit.  Occassionally I like to highlight work that I find revitalizing.  This young artist Chanel Hunt does that.  When I first learned about the amazing artwork that she was creating I reached out to speak with her more about it.  Check out what she had to say about her creative imagination by visiting her website.  Also good news...all of the work you see here plus more is available for immediate purchase at

Sweet William's Ghost


A woman grieving the loss of her husband visits his grave daily until his ghost comes forth to tell her to move on

Lotus Flower

lotus flower.jpg


A man has a transformative experience amidst the lotus.

Allison Gross



A witch tries to entice a young man into being her's. When he refuses she turns him into a dragon with the help of a golden comb.


The Archer



An archer takes aim at an unknown target.

Knight's Ghost


A knight falls in battle and his grieving wife invites his companions for dinner. Thinking they didn't defend him and simply allowed him to perish in battle she traps them in her cellar. Her husband's ghost come to her in the night assuring her that they tried to save him and to release them. 

False Knight



False Knight on the Road- A young boy on his way to church is stopped by the devil disguised as a knight.

About the artist

Chanel Hunt is a freelance illustrator, and comics artist currently working out of a little hovel in Northern California. It was in that overcast land where she earned her BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts, and has been working away ever since. For her, the most interesting aspect of her work is when imagination and reality collide.  She is invested in showing this juxtaposition in her work. When she's not drawing she can be found listening to music, baking, or going for long walks.

Contact: 510-717-2770

Being a creative person I am often misunderstood. I want to somehow be more understood through my art and other forms of expression. Art does that for me. It makes me feel as though I communicate well and clear. I am okay if it the communication appears ambiguous...because even ambigious communication it is still communication and it is still clear...clearly I’m being ambiguous. -La’Shay S. Crayton