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5 Great Reasons and Ways to Travel, Even When You are Broke!

5 Great Reasons and Ways to Travel, Even When You are Broke!

  1. Traveling opens you up
    • You feel more cultured and well rounded when you have more experiences with people who are different than you.  Yes you could travel from Harlem to Brooklyn and get a different experience, however there is something about interacting with individuals who are very different than you, and those who you may not share as much in common with.
  2. Traveling refreshes you!
    • When you are traveling you are not able to focus on negative aspects of life back home.  Everything is new.  You are using the frontal cortex of your brain to regulate and experience what is actually happening right in that moment.  Is that not cool or what? Your brain actually is using more energy to experience what is happening now rather than what has to happen at home.  Let your brain do what it needs to do.  You are refreshed!
  3. Traveling takes planning and strategy!
    • Traveling keeps you sharp as a whipper snapper.  Because traveling takes planning and strategy, you have to work your way through many processes.  It is a mental exercise.  Because of this, like the opposite it can also be stressful for you if you let it.  When you believe planning for a traveling experience is becoming stressful, take a step back and ask for help.  I find that people enjoy telling others what to do.  Because of this they think very clearly through the way they can help you.  Allow them the opportunity to do so.
  4. Traveling helps feel you more connected to the world around you!
    • Have you ever noticed that people who travel are a bit cocky about it.  It is bragging rights.  In part because it shows that you have access to the world around you.  People from the US are able to travel more freely than those from more developing countries.  This is called access.  Some call this a privilege.  Now I am not encouraging you to brag about your travels rather I am providing context as to why people who do travel are confident in who they are in many respects.  The world becomes their oyster every time they step out.
  5. Traveling helps to develop better social and emotional engaging skills!
    • If you have ever had to struggle through translating something or communicating with someone who speaks another language you become more empathetic toward others who struggle in this area.  If you are able to understand each other you feel so accomplished :)  Over time you work harder at understanding people even if you speak the same language, because you have felt the woes of not being understood.

Don't believe me:  Check out Health and Wellness Benefits of Travel Experiences.  This article is a  literature review of the great benefits of traveling.

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I know what you are thinking..But La'Shay I am broke!

Here are a few ways to travel on a budget

  • Airbnb: This is a great option for slashing prices.  Instead of staying at a hotel you are able to stay at someone's home.  You can either rent a room or a house.  Think bed and breakfast with a bit less intrusion.  This can drop hotel stay prices down by more than half.  
  • Research, research, research...ask around, ask around, ask around.  Utilize your resources.  Maybe there's a lady at your church who has a cousin, sister or friend who lives in Dubai who has hosted people before and would love to drop the price for an in kind donation.  Or they may know some great local deals on food at your travel spot of choice.
  • Straight up, check groupon and the likes.  These site are great for group packages and all inclusives.
  • Go by boat:  I love cruises because I know when I pay my 900.00 up front there is no other price I will have to pay.  Cruises tend to be all inclusive.  That means everything is paid for upfront.  You can enjoy your trip and worry less about balancing a budget while away.
  • visit a place where you have friends or family.  This way you get a double whammy for your trip but also it is likely that you can bring a gift and not worry about lodging fees.
  • Visit blog sites to see what others have done to save money while traveling in general but also while traveling to the location where you would like to go.
  • Just straight up you need to save.  You can have  a dream or a plan but you need to save your money.  What can you cut out of your spending to do what you need and want to do.  Me and my husband eat weekly on less than $40 dollars (unless we eat out, which is not often at all).  You could be eating more than you need and or eating food that you could swap out for a just as healthy and nutritious meal.  Such as meats.  We do not eat meat every day.  If we do it is a very small amount.  You are able to get healthy protein from beans and other legumes which go very far when cooked and are filling.

I also have a friend who has an amazing blog about how to travel on a dime.  You can message her for questions as well.  You also has great info on how to travel with children!  Check her out! on instagram at thetravelingchild

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
-Saint Augustine